Robust index package for LaTeX

Page numbers changed by third party without rerunning makeindex

Amazingly often the page numbers in index entries are wrong because a third party has changed the numbering of pages without rerunning makeindex. (Yes, it happened also to my 1993 book.)

It is much nicer to have an index that adapts itself to all changes but the adding/deleting/rearranging of \index commands.

Our package robustindex.sty (version 2019/01/25) achieves this with the \pageref mechanism.

Here is our Manual for the robustindex package.

Just try what happens if you put \usepackage{robustindex} in your preamble. Do read your TeX log file.

The sample file robustsample.tex illustrates more than you ever need. It also requires the package robustglossary.sty.

After the old fashioned

pdflatex robustsample.tex
makeindex robustsample
pdflatex robustsample.tex
pdflatex robustsample.tex
you should have something like this PDF file.

If you want several indexes with pagerefs you may try \usepackage[multind]{robustindex}.


pdflatex multisample.tex
makeindex multisample
pdflatex multisample.tex
pdflatex multisample.tex
you should have something like this PDF file. So we require very little of the TeX setup. This becomes relevant when the final production is done elsewhere.

Wilberd van der Kallen