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2.1 Suppliers

The supplier is the source of a font, typically a (digital) type foundry.

You should use the supplier letter which matches the supplier you obtained the font from, not the original source; for example, Avant Garde was designed by Herb Lubalin for ITC, but Adobe also sells it. The name of the font that you get from Adobe should start with ‘p’. This is because font resellers typically make modifications to the original design.

Notes on specific suppliers:


For fonts that are distributed without any specific attribution to the creator, by individuals, or by small foundries. (Unfortunately, we don’t have enough characters to assign one to every font supplier in the world.)


obsolete; specifies raw fonts, in the old distribution of Dvips. New fonts should never use ‘r’. (The right thing to do is specify the correct encoding, variant, or whatever the font’s characteristics actually are.)


for fonts that just don’t fit well into the naming scheme. The ‘z’ should be followed by the real supplier letter.

Here is the table from the file It is organized alphabetically by abbreviation. Each line consists of an abbreviation, directory name, and comment.

0 fontfont      FontFont
2 elsnerflake   Elsner & Flake
5 softmake      Softmaker
9 unknown
a autologi      Autologic
b bitstrea      Bitstream
c cg            Compugraphic
d dtc           Digital Typeface Corporation
e apple         Apple
f public        small foundries
g gnu           Free Software Foundation
h bh            Bigelow & Holmes
i itc           International Typeface Corporation
j microsft      Microsoft
k softkey       SoftKey
l linotype      Linotype
m monotype      Monotype
n ibm           IBM
o corel         Corel
p adobe         Adobe (‘p’ for PostScript)
q texgyre       TeX Gyre fonts from GUST Typefoundry
r -             raw (for [obsolete] use with virtual fonts)
s sun           Storm Type
t paragrap      ParaGraph
u urw           URW
v sil           SIL
w wolfram       Wolfram
y arkandis      Arkandis Digital Foundry
z -             bizarre (fontname is nonstandard)
- autofont	Eddie Kohler’s autofont program
- jknappen      Joerg Knappen
- mnm           Hong Feng, free software in China
- yandy         Y&Y

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